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Sophie Sucks Face is an original alternative musical about incest with book, music & lyrics by Sophie Zucker. It premiered at Lifeworld in Gowanus to two sold out crowds and is currently being workshopped all over NYC, including a July performance at Feinstein's/54 Below, November run at Soho Playhouse and an upcoming date at Dynasty Typewriter in LA. When Sophie's grandfather dies, she meets and is suddenly attracted to her Israeli cousin. But when her grandmother dies three weeks after (as is common with old people - it's called the "widowhood effect"), Sophie must decide if she wants to romantically pursue her cousin.  In the context of much heated online discourse - who is allowed to tell Jewish stories; who's allowed to represent Jewish characters - the show is both a relevant subject of these debates and a commentary on them.


If you'd like Sophie to perform my musical/special at your theater or if you'd like to give Sophie money to make it into a movie, you can contact her here. Otherwise, enjoy the video of the first performance below. 

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