Sophie Sucks Face is an original alternative musical about incest that premiered at Lifeworld in Gowanus to two sold out crowds. It's currently being workshopped all over NYC, including a July performance at Feinstein's/54 Below. You can read more about it here. I wrote this musical after attending two family funerals within 8 weeks of each other - it was obviously very tragic, but there was something amusing about seeing all the relatives I never see twice in two months. It’s like - we had nothing else to catch up about! We’d gotten it all out of the way at the first funeral! That just inspired me to think about what could happen at a family funeral that could have unintended consequences if another family death were to happen in quick succession. I’m trying to write this quote so I don’t give any of the plot away - is it working?

If you'd like me to perform my musical/special at your theater or if you'd like to give me money to make it into a movie, you can contact me here. Otherwise, enjoy the video of the first performance below.