"While Steinfeld is an accomplished sarcastic firebrand, I kept imagining comedian Sophie Zucker in the role [of Emily Dickinson] instead. Zucker plays Abby, a local popular girls' sycophant with dorky-cool glasses, and even in the few minutes of her screen time, her comic dry wit and timing invokes the otherworldly tone [Alena] Smith is going for..." - The Hollywood Reporter on Dickinson

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"The queen-bee mean girl is mad at Sue, whose sister has just died, for landing Austin, so she says, “She has no family. How could he marry her?” And then her lackey [Zucker], who’s starting to question her servitude to this girl, goes, “Well, that’s not her fault!” I laughed out loud!" - Slate on Dickinson

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“All the minor characters are excellent, and I’m particularly fond of the snarky mean girl squad [Zucker, et al] that shows up when the Dickinsons throw a party.” - Vulture on Dickinson

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"Live from [Yale]— pre quarantine — Sophie tells Aaron about the unique way she got her first staff job, what happens when Tim Cook walks into a table read of your script, and how she’s navigated the beginnings of an acting resume that already includes gems like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Other Two, and Dickinson.

A fascinating conversation for fans of those shows, as well as anyone interested in breaking into the TV industry." Listen Here