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"While Steinfeld is an accomplished sarcastic firebrand, I kept imagining comedian Sophie Zucker in the role [of Emily Dickinson] instead. Zucker plays Abby, a local popular girls' sycophant with dorky-cool glasses, and even in the few minutes of her screen time, her comic dry wit and timing invokes the otherworldly tone [Alena] Smith is going for..." - The Hollywood Reporter on Dickinson


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"The show is “a mixture of Bo Burnham’s ‘Inside,’ Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s ‘Fleabag’ and Stephen Sondheim’s ‘Company’ and some of my own stand-up.” Though it certainly seems ambitious to draw inspiration from such highly acclaimed works, it’s also not surprising Sophie would set the bar so high. At 28 years old, Sophie already has some impressive credits as both a seasoned comedian and actor in the Brooklyn comedy scene...and a rising star in the TV world. Needless to say, the musical comedy running next month in Brooklyn, which Sophie additionally describes as “not a Jewish show, per-se, but not not a Jewish show,” promises to be a must-see." - Hey Alma on Sophie Sucks Face

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 "I’ll be seeing Dickinson star Sophie Zucker’s one-woman musical, Sophie Sucks Face, at the new DIY space Life World in Gowanus. It’s sold out, but keep an eye out for where this show goes next. Sophie is a hilarious comedian (this time not biased) and a member of the Ladies Who Ranch, regular performers at Union Hall." - NY Mag on Sophie Sucks Face

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